The Author

Mark Singleton has a Ph.D in South Asian Religion from the Divinity Faculty at Cambridge University. He has written and edited books, chapters and articles on the history and practice of yoga for almost a decade, including the first edited book on modern yoga (Yoga in the Modern World) and substantial entries for two major encyclopedias of Hinduism. His last book, Yoga Body, the Origins of Modern Posture Practice, was published with Oxford University Press in 2010. In 2011/12 he was keynote speaker at the Yoga Alliance’s first national conference, and at the British Wheel of Yoga’s annual Congress. He is a certified yoga teacher in the Iyengar and Satyananda lineages, and faculty on several yoga teaching training programs in the US, Canada and the UK.

Susan Maier-Moul, the editor of The Yoga Magazine writes:

“Mark Singleton is one of the most valuable, vocal and articulate advocates for yoga practitioners and yoga scholars to put aside their differences and engage the questions that bear upon their shared interests. His writing and teaching provide a bridge between the concerns of academia and those of practice […] I’m convinced he’s made one of the most important contributions to the survival of the practice of yoga of anyone writing or practicing today.”