Roots of Yoga

A Sourcebook from the Indian Traditions

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Mark Singleton

I am putting together a new source book of yoga texts from the Indian traditions, and am seeking funding to get the work underway. Entitled Roots of Yoga, the book will make available for the first time in a single volume many of the most important primary texts of yoga through the ages—including a good number of texts not yet translated into English. It will cover major historical moments of yoga’s evolution within India, showing the continuities, disjunctions and developments that have characterized its theory and practice across the centuries. In order to complete the groundwork for this project, I need to raise funds for research and writing.

The goal is to give readers a comprehensive and immediate insight into the core texts of the Indian traditions, through the words of the primary texts themselves. It is hoped that the book will provide readers with powerful tools to navigate the complex development of yoga in its various settings. I will be collaborating in this project with the respected Sanskritist and yoga scholar Dr. James Mallinson (Oxford University).

 Many thanks in advance for your contributions to this important project,

Mark Singleton